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ESSDACK content specialists have been providing high-quality professional learning opportunities for over 30 years. Our remote and in-house workshops range from literacy to numeracy to G Suite integration to PBL best practices. 

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The brain research is clear.

Growing up in poverty or experiencing trauma significantly impacts a child’s behavior and academic performance, impacting their mindset for change and success.

A systemic approach for change involves a broad understanding of the myths and realities of poverty and trauma. This approach must include students, families, and community members in a long term solution.

The ESSDACK Resilience Team is committed to finding ways to be part of that solution.

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We’re All Leaders

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We used to work so much that our families, bodies, and mental wellbeing were neglected. 

And thought that was normal.

Then we stepped back and decided that feeling stressed, unbalanced, angry, worried, or hopeless, doesn’t have to be the norm.

Our INSpired Leadership tools, resources, and strategies can help change the way you think and lead.


All of us are leaders in one way or another. But when working to increase leadership skills, we often start the process with an outer goal in mind.

ESSDACK’s Inspired Leadership instead starts the process from the INside out. Our experienced INL coaches are helping schools, businesses, and individuals build:

  • unified, high-functioning teams.
  • experience fulfilled lives without stress or shame.
  • build resilience and awareness.

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