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Kelly Turcotte

Kelly Turcotte
Speciality areas

Coaching, Presenting, Group Coaching, Leadership Development

kelly turcotte photoKelly’s story

Kelly is a presenter, consultant and coach guiding individuals, teams, and organizations to increase their energy and engagement in their personal and professional lives. She was a fourth & fifth grade classroom teacher for 20 years and now works specifically as an Inspired Leadership Consultant. While the decision to leave the classroom wasn't easy, the work she does has engaged her on a higher level than she ever thought possible. Her passion for helping students realize where they struggled was actually the sweet spot for learning and getting there held mountains of confidence has translated into her work as a coach. She often says, "It's just bigger bodies in the seats."

Kelly understands the heart and soul that goes into doing the work you love. She knows that people have vast experiences and knowledge to help, but constantly second guess whether they are doing enough or if they are good enough. Her mission is to help coach people release the pressure they put on themselves and embrace the knowledge and passion that makes them the best at what they do.