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Tamara Konrade

Tamara Konrade
Speciality areas:

Coaching, Evaluation, Leadership Development

tamara konrade“I inspire leaders to embrace their personal and professional lives with full energy and engagement! My mission is to empower, enlighten, and engage every person I encounter. In this way, they are able live a life full of commitment, purpose, and passion and are able to help others, including students, do the same.”

Tamara’s Story
Tamara is an inspirational speaker and consultant guiding individuals, teams, and organizations to increase their energy and engagement in their personal and professional lives. She has been a classroom teacher, instructional coach, principal, curriculum director, professional learning consultant, and is now working specifically as an Inspired Leadership Consultant. The job titles, however, don’t describe the work that truly matters to Tamara. Her real passion is having the opportunity to inspire others to lead their lives in a way that brings peace, joy, and enthusiasm; to help them reach the outcomes they never thought were possible! Leadership is an action, not a title.

Before leading the ESSDACK Professional Learning team, Tamara served as the Director of Student Learning at Valley Center School District in Kansas, working with dedicated professionals as she facilitated curriculum, instruction, and assessment decisions. Before joining the Valley Center team, she was an educational specialist for ESSDACK, a K-6 building principal, elementary classroom teacher, and a district literacy coach.

Tamara is on a mission to improve leadership in our schools and organizations that impact education. Every single person is a leader by choice or by default, and they think and act in ways that either move them forward or hold them back from making great accomplishments.

Tamara has worked with students, teachers, parents, coaches, school board members, administrators, and state legislatures, inspiring them to approach their personal and professional leadership roles with high energy, engagement, and commitment.

Her passion for improving learning is both personal and professional as she wants all children, including her own, to experience authentic learning, gain valuable skills for their bright futures, and become confident, committed and compassionate citizens.

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