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Ep. 10 | Early Childhood PLC | feat. Katie Perez, Renee Smith, and Robi Alstrom

Posted Date: 09/20/2018

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On episode 10 we are talking with Katie Perez, Renee Smith, and Robi Alstrom about the upcoming second year of ESSDACK's Early Childhood PLC.

In order to support the Kansas vision of increasing kindergarten readiness, ESSDACK is hosting a professional learning community for early childhood educators that will meet five times in 2018-2019. 

The Early Childhood PLC will be facilitated ESSDACK's own Katie Perez, Renee Smith, Robi Alstrom, and Jane Seward, each bringing a specific expertise to share that allows participants to drill down in a variety of areas. 

We will be integrating innovative practices for math, literacy, social studies, and science using a PBL approach to implement the Kansans Can vision

The needs of disadvantaged populations (Special Education, Low SES, and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) will be addressed.  In addition, facilitators will provide information on developing assessments, evaluating curriculum, recognizing child abuse and neglect, and support in completing grant work. 

Using the Kansas Early Learning Standards as a guiding document, participants will explore:   
Academic content 
Social Emotional Learning 
Physical Health 
Approaches to Learning 

Be sure to register early in order to receive your books in time for the first session. ESSDACK needs 15 enrolled to have this PLC.  

An online version of this workshop is available.

Dates are: Sept. 21, 2018; Oct. 26, 2018; Jan. 18, 2019; Feb. 8, 2019; and March 1, 2019. 

Find out more information at and search for Early Childhood PLC

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