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EDventure Cast: Ep. 5 | Civic Engagement vs. Community Service | with guest Glenn Wiebe

Posted Date: 09/20/2018

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ESSDACK’s own Glenn Wiebe joins Jaime and Glen in the studio to answer the question Civic Engagement vs. Community Service, what is the difference?

glennWho is Glenn Wiebe?

Speciality areas:
Apple Tools, Google G Suite, Instructional Technology & Integration, Keynote Speaker, Social Studies Best Practices

Glenn’s educational career began at Derby Middle School, finding ways to help thirteen year olds enjoy American History. Wiebe earned his Master’s in American History while continuing to develop innovative practices and sharing them with his students. He spent five years working in higher education, designing effective instruction and integrating video games into social science classrooms. Glenn now travels across the country as an ESSDACK education consultant providing keynotes, presentations, and curriculum development.


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