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experiencedu kidsWe loved Podstock!

Superheroes. 80s big hair. 50s diner food. VW bus. Great learning. Awesome friends. Chocolate brownies. And the Thursday night vendor dance.

We loved all of it. But school looks different. Learning looks different. And an edtech conference seems a bit . . . redundant. We’re all using tech, right? This means that our summer conference needs to look different. So Podstock is no more.

We’re super excited to start new traditions with new friends – melded together with our old Podstock family. Instead of a quick two days in July, we’re planning a year long series of learning opportunities focused on great learning. And you’re still going to get the awesome ESSDACK feel with ESSDACK consultants leading the way.

experiencedu logoWelcome to experiencEDU Learning Series!
2019 – 2020

It’s a different kind of learning for a different kind of school.

School can, and should be, a place where we’re prepping kids with the knowledge & skills they’ll need for a future we 
can’t predict. The sad thing? We ‘re not always very good about actually doing that. 

We want to change that. 

So . . . experiencEDU is not gonna be sit and get.

Instead, in the experiencEDU learning series, you’ll first experience learning as a student. You’ll spend time and space with experts for crystal clear, practical, and hands on strategy sessions that replicate that high-quality learning experience. And then, together with other educators, you’ll begin designing classrooms that will be difference makers for your kiddos.

Curious? We thought so. 

So head over to, learn more, and make plans to help us create some new memories. We’ll see you in 2019 – 2020!