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General Information

Awesome! We can help.

Head over to our Learning Center information page or click the Earn HS Degree tab at the top of the ESSDACK website. You’ll find lots of general contact information and links to specific ESSDACK Learning Centers scattered around the state. Clicking on one of the specific Learning Centers will connect you with phone numbers and email addresses for the director of that Center.

They’d love to talk with you about ways they can help!

You can earn graduate college credit in a variety of ways. When you participate in and complete an ESSDACK workshop, you’ll receive an email containing details for earning college credit. Our ESSDACK Online courses also provide you the opportunity to earn credit on your own schedule. Once you finish a course, you’ll receive similar details.

We’ve partnered with MidAmerica Nazarene University to provide gradute credit. Basically they’ll ask you to do some work and reflect on your learning. You’ll send them $45 and everyone is happy. If you have questions about the process, let us know!

If you’re asking about the policy for a single registration to one of our face to face or virtual ESSDACK workshops, we understand that sometimes a school can’t find a substitute or your schedule has changed. We get that. So we simply request that you let us know ahead of time and everyone is happy.

But for what we call on-site presentations (whether those are face to face or delivered remotely), our policy is that we will charge a 50% penalty if a booking is cancelled by the customer unless it is rescheduled at the time of cancellation. This rescheduled booking may be delivered remotely or face-to-face. The rescheduled presentation may need to be delivered by a different ESSDACK team member or contractor if the consultant originally scheduled cannot fill the proposed alternate date.

If it is not possible to reschedule the original request, the customer will also be responsible for reimbursing all non-fundable expenses that ESSDACK has incurred prior to the cancellation. 

Still have questions? Contact our business office.

ESSDACK is located at 1500 E. 11th in Hutchinson, Kansas. Google Maps will lead you to the east side of the Hutchinson Mall. Let us know if you have questions!

Not really. It’s just ESSDACK

But back in the day, when we first started, ESSDACK did actually mean something. Our first members were all school districts in central Kansas. So ESSDACK was the Educational Services and Staff Development Association of Central Kansas. But we’ve expanded so much since then. We have member districts across the state and work with schools across the country. So we decided to keep the name ESSDACK and dropped the words that it originally described. 

We think dropping the specifics about central Kansas gives us the flexibility to work with whoever and wherever we’re needed while still focusing on our member districts.