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online just-in-time learning

We know that you’re busy. And we know that you are always looking for powerful and efficient ways to learn about new strategies and resources that benefit your staff and students. 

So you’re in the right place.

From January 17 – 25, 2020, we’ll make 18 just-in-time online video sessions available for purchase – all packaged together and specifically designed for you and your staff to use as part of your January 20 professional learning activities. Video topics range from great PBL ideas to CGI math tips to civic online reasoning resources, from ELA tools to trauma informed strategies. Use them as part of large group learning, in small groups, or as individualized personal learning. 

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Need a quick sample? This 60 second clip highlights just a small part of Jane Seward’s Getting It Write: Handwriting That Works video that focuses on helping kinders learn both letter shapes and sounds. 

The course features 21 additional videos that provide learning opportunities arranged in four broad categories: Problem-Based Learning / Quality Instruction, Literacy, Mathematics, and Social Emotional Learning.  In each of these four sections, you’ll find videos targeting both elementary and secondary levels:

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It’s easy to jump in on this.  

All of the 15 – 20 minute videos are created by ESSDACK’s own curriculum consultants and are followed by a series of guiding questions designed to jumpstart discussions and learning. The questions are part of a 25 page Learning Guide that’s included as part of the package and comes with additional resources, handouts, and websites. Together with the videos, the Learning Guide is perfect for creating high quality professional learning opportunities.

We’re using the Teachable online learning LMS, so all of the videos and resources are easily accessible on a variety of digital platforms.

You’ll select the access range that best fits your needs:

  • 1 - 15 access codes $500
  • 16 - 25 access codes $600
  • 26+ access codes $750

Starting the enrollment process is simple.

Click the button below:

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You’ll answer a few questions and we’ll send instructions for enrolling in the Teachable course, your enrollment codes, and the course link.


If you have questions between now and then, let us know how we can help: