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Bryan Rohling

Bryan Rohling

Technology Team Director

Bryan is our Director of Technology and has been on the ESSDACK tech team since August, 2004. Bryan has an Associate Degree in computer hardware/software and communications support from Hutchinson Community College. He provides support for video conferencing solutions as well as various server and cloud based applications, including converged (virtualized) server/network environments, VOIP phone systems, Google Apps for Education, and Microsoft Active Directory. He has taken part in establishing, maintaining, upgrading, and providing technical support for these services to member districts.

Bryan helps maintain the technology at ESSDACK learning centers and offices, and is familiar with Apple, Microsoft,  Linux, and Google Chrome platforms. He also provides direct customer services, end-user support, and server and network management services. His background and experience have established him as a very competent support person who is able to work effectively with people of varying levels of technological sophistication.

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