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Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team.

We’re convinced that we hire the best people around. From experienced educators on our Design & Delivery team to caring Learning Center directors, highly competent professionals in our business office to skilled tech managers, ESSDACK is packed with talented and passionate people ready to help you.

Need convincing? 

“Robi, I loved your ESL boot camp last week and I've rarely enjoyed an online or in-person class so much! Your camp was extremely well-constructed, both for the Praxis and for practical purposes at school, and I'm very glad I signed up for it.”

Andrew S.
Band Director


“Katie is so knowledgeable and passionate about Project Based Learning. It’s clear she’s had experience implementing what she shares. Her experience as an elementary teacher and coping with the challenges every teacher goes through gives Katie the ability to help my staff deal with implementing new initiatives.”

Tammy B.
Elementary Principal


“I have never met a more engaging presenter than Ginger. Her energy, creativity, humor, intelligence, and warmth draw people in and keep them wanting more. To watch Ginger in action is akin to participating in a master class for teaching.”

Kristina A.
Assistant Professor


Connect with ESSDACK staff:

Design and Delivery

Our content consultants have over 200 combined years teaching experience. Face to face, virtual, or self paced, your learning experience is going to be great.

Finance & Operations

They cross the Ts, dot the Is, pay the bills, provide the tech support and make sure the little things like baking warm workshop cookies and assisting with transcripts gets done.


Resilience & Learning Centers

We know the impact that trauma and poverty can have on learning. Together we can make sure students and families have the skills they need to be successful.

Inspired Leadership

Our INL coaches have decades of experience helping educators, administrators, and businesses uncover their innate leadership skills. What can they do for you?


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