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Technology Support & Integration

Technology Support

We’ve supported the appropriate use of technology tools ever since we opened the doors and encourage the effective integration of tech as a critical part of instruction and learning. From the early days of developing useful email solutions to current issues of deploying large numbers of mobile devices such as iPads and Chromebooks, our tech support team works to provide the resources and solutions needed to make technology integration seamless.

Our team is available to assist school districts in a variety of ways. All are familiar with Apple, PC, and Linux platforms. They provide direct customer and end-user support, server and network management services, and management of CMS software. Their work includes onsite services as well such as setting up and maintaining wireless networks, computer carts, and mobile devices.

Need help or have questions? Call 620-663-9566 or contact one of technology support team members:

Bryan Rohling
Carl Perez


Technology Integration

The research is clear. Using educational technology in appropriate ways improves student learning, encourages critical thinking, increases engagement, and supports 21st century skills. The issue for many teachers and schools is how best to integrate technology into curriculum and instruction.

ESSDACK has a rich history of creating and sharing technology integration solutions with teachers and school districts. These solutions range from effective mobile device deployments to G Suite tools and web literacy training.

All of our technology integration consultants have extensive experience in the classroom and as professional learning facilitators.

Contact one of our consultants to schedule your personalized professional learning opportunity:

Ginger Lewman
Glenn Wiebe
Katie Perez