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Poverty / Trauma Informed

Poverty and Trauma-Informed Education

The brain research is clear. Growing up in poverty or experiencing trauma will significantly affect a child’s behavior and academic performance, impacting their mindset for change and success.

A systemic approach for change involves a broad understanding of the myths and realities of poverty and trauma. This approach must include students, families, and community members in a long term solution.

We’re committed to finding ways to be part of that solution.

How can you help?

  • Contact Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz to fInd out how you can schedule our interactive Poverty Simulation for educators and community members.
  • Browse a list of upcoming learning opportunities.
  • Attend one of our conferences or seminars



‚ÄčContact one of our consultants to schedule a customized learning opportunity:

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz
Kevin Honeycutt
Ginger Lewman
Katie Perez
Carmen Zeisler