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Poverty / Trauma Informed

Poverty and Trauma-Informed Education

Brain research is telling us that students growing up in poverty or experiencing trauma will significantly affect a child’s behavior and academic performance, impacting their mindset for change and success.

A systemic approach for change must involve a broad understanding of the myths and realities of poverty and trauma. This approach must include students, families, and community members in a long term solution.

We’re committed to finding ways to be part of that solution.

How can you help?

  • Contact Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz to fInd out how you can schedule our interactive Poverty Simulation for educators and community members.
  • Browse a list of upcoming learning opportunities.
  • Attend one of the following conferences or seminars:

Moving the Needle poverty conference

How can we change the future for our toughest kids?

rebecca keynote The Moving the Needle two-day conference on November 14 – 15, 2019 focuses on and ties together five key issues:

  • Poverty
  • Trauma and Resilience Building

  • Parental and Caregiver Engagement

  • Leadership and Civic Engagement

  • Effective PBL Strategies

How we talk about the challenges many of our students and families face every day makes a difference. We can move the needle on pOVERty. Students and families can truly declare pOVERty to be OVER in their story. But . . . our communities, schools, public and mental health organizations must come to the table with people who are experiencing poverty. Together we can change the conversation from pOVERty alleviation to pOVERty resolution.  

Get registration, lodging, and session details for the next pOVERty awareness event on November 14 – 15, 2019 at the Moving the Needle website.

Equipping Resilience Coaches for Trauma-Responsive Success

July 6 – 9, 2020     
Hutchinson, Kansas

To create a truly effective culture, schools, organizations, & communities require a Resilience Coach leading on-going implementation of trauma-responsive best practices.

Join us in a four day professional learning experience designed to train members of your staff to become effective Resilience Coaches able to create an effective school culture. Participants will leave equipped with the skills needed to lead practices designed to improve academic, organizational, and community outcomes. 

Led by Tamara Konrade, Jim Sporleder, and Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz, this four day professional learning experience is designed to train members of your staff to become effective Resilience Coaches. Each bring a unique perspective that will create the mind and heart shifts necessary to lead and empower students, families, and staff.

Get more details highlighting workshop outcomes, speakers, and costs here.

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Contact one of our consultants to schedule a customized learning opportunity:

Rebecca Lewis-Pankratz
Ginger Lewman

Kevin Honeycutt
Katie Perez