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STEAMMaker & Makerspace

Student & Teacher Creativity Released in Makerspaces


Schools around the world are reconnecting thinking with hands-on learning by doing. A Makerspace provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage learners to design, experiment, build, and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, and tinkering. This might involve 3D modeling, electronics, robotics, wearable technology, coding, woodworking, and more!

Our Makerspace focuses on year-round service to school-age students and educators with field trips, special events, and summer camps. We even have evening open-make hours for everyone in the community to join in, regardless of age.

We also offer summer STEAMmaker camps in Hutchinson and around the country. STEAMmaker Camp is an intense and immersed professional learning where teachers, alongside their own students, learn how to shift from teaching in a typical STEM classroom to create and operate a MakerSpace in their own schools.

Each camp can be customized by module to fit the length of the camp, the number of participants, and your individual needs of the client. Teachers leave a STEAMmaker Camp knowing how a MakerSpace can be managed; understanding how a MakerSpace operates regarding time, space, activities, materials, and academic learning; and ready to begin building their own programs in their own schools with a seed set of students who all have a common understanding of operation and the exciting engagement.



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