Summer Makerspace Camp

Summer Makerspace Camp

Parents, do you wish your little inventor had something fun and educational to do this summer? Something affordable that really taps into his/her interests and talents like no other summer camp out there? Then the Makerspace Summer Camp at ESSDACK is for you!

Each week in June, we’re offering a 3-day summer camp where your child, going into 3rd grade through 8th grade this fall, gets to work with robotics, gadgets, cardboard construction, coding games/apps/websites, and inventing new stuff to improve the world around us! No previous experience required, but if you already have an interest or experience, then we can really fly!

Who is this for?
If your child is going into 3rd grade through 8th grade in the fall, THIS is perfect for them!

What is the general structure of the camps?

Each camp is 3 days long, with an introduction to the ESSDACK Makerspace, the camp expectations, and general safety on the first morning. Each camp is active, hands-on, minds-on where each participant will be given a lot of choice and voice into what they’re designing and building. But this is more than playing. Each camp leader will ask campers to think deeper, pre-plan, and iterate to the best products for each camper. You can expect that your kids should come home excited and brain-tired each day!

Each day will start at 9am and run until 2pm with a ½ hour lunch break at 11:30am - 12pm, where the campers will eat their own brown-bagged lunch they bring with them.

Who is running these camps?
ESSDACK is a non-profit education service center, which means we serve schools in the local central Kansas region and beyond. We have contracted with local, licensed teachers who are all first-aid certified, to design and run these camps. You can see who is running each camp and read their bios below.


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Rachel Meenen

I am a 3-5 STEM and SS teacher who loves PBL and Maker Education. I am also a licensed STEAMmaker Camp trainer through ESSDACK and have presented at several workshops. My passion is inspiring learners through hands on activities.

Paul Carver

I believe that everyone has the ability to be a positive contributor in our world.  I love being creative, asking questions, and exploring challenges in order find areas of interest. I love working with students to develop projects that help them find their passions that benefit their lives, or the lives of others, support those around them, and strive to make our world a better place.

Kim Herron

I am a STEAM educator that is passionate about learning, exploring, and creating with kids in a Maker environment in the classroom, after school and summer programs.  As a national Siemen’s STEM Fellow, Cosmosphere Camp Director, Makerspace Facilitator, Classroom Teacher and Continuous Learner my passion is to lead others in exploring life today while learning for their tomorrow.

Carol Nelson

Education Technology Specialist for USD 418 McPherson, who loves all things technology.

I love the hands-on creativity and exploration that making brings. Coding adds another level to making - bringing movement, specialization and more.

A makerspace provides hands-on, creative ways to encourage learners to design, experiment, build and invent as they deeply engage in science, engineering, and tinkering. Participants often work/play/learn 3D modeling & design, circuitry & electronics, robotics, wearable technology, coding & programming, woodworking, and more!

Our ESSDACK Makerspace focuses on year-round service to school-age students and educators with field trips, special events, and summer camps. We even have evening open-make hours for everyone in the community to join in, regardless of age.

Located in the Hutchinson Mall, 1500 E. 11th, Hutchinson Kansas, the ESSDACK Makerspace has been created in response to several forces affecting education today. The emphasis on "learning by doing,” aka hands-on learning, is a primary force. Schools around the world are reconnecting thinking with doing, similar to how learning was experienced prior to the industrial age.

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