Thomas County Learning Center

Site Director: Melinda Fikan
485 North Chickamauga
Colby, Kansas 67701
Phone: (785) 465-7900

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Located a block west of the main business district in Colby, Kansas, the Thomas County Learning Center provides the same supportive, caring atmosphere found in all ESSDACK Learning Centers.  In addition to the high school diploma completion program, ESL classes are offered to help non-native speakers gain proficiency in reading, writing, and speaking English both onsite and off-site in the neighboring community of Rexford.  The dedicated, caring staff members are committed to the immediate and long term success of every student.

The computerized delivery system is consistent in all of the learning centers, but the program is individualized for each student both in content and schedule. The students work at their own pace and set their own goals and timeline. The addition of totally virtual delivery in 2005 allows for anywhere, anytime learning. The addition of a career development component in the fall of 2006 helps meet long term goals of students.  The flexibility of the courses allows each student to juggle employment and family responsibilities while earning his or her diploma.

- High School Diploma Program Virtual/Alternative

- Credit Recovery

- GED Plus

- ACT Work Keys

- Dedicated room for parents and children


  • Melinda Fikan - Director
  • Christine Quist - Paraprofessional

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